When You Can’t Make it “all better”


What is worse than seeing your child in pain and not being able to do anything about it? I can think of few things that cause my heart to ache more.

This week has been a hard one for Bridget. She is teething. Hard. Her happy little self was more pensive and fussy. She wanted to be held more. She cried more.

Tuesday night was the toughest night for her. She woke up sobbing. I rushed into her room to try and calm her down. Usually feeding her can sooth her and cause her to fall peacefully back asleep. Not this night. As she continued to cry, Ian also got up and we both tried to comfort our sad little girl. I rocked her, gently spoke to her, rubbed her head. Nothing seemed to calm her down.

It was hard to see her so upset.

I am a problem solver and also want to make my love ones as happy as I can. This is something that has always been a part of my personality. I don’t remember very much from my childhood (I have a pretty bad long term memory, I guess), but I do have a vivid memory of sitting next to my mom one night while she cried. I remember wanting to make her feel better. Even as a young girl, I cried with her, as we sat on the edge of her bed. I wanted her to “be better.”


Now, when my kids are unhappy, the same feeling of “making it all better” rush to me. Sometimes though, we can’t take the pain away. Sometimes the hurt just has to be worked through. Sometimes the best thing I can do is to be there with them. To hold them. To rock them. To let them know that even in the midst of the pain, Mommy is here and is not going to leave.

Teething is part of growing up. It’s painful, yes, but necessary. There will be many more times when Bridget and Seth have to go through painful, but necessary, “growing pains.” As their mommy, I will be there. As the causes of pain change, my role may shift. Maybe it won’t be rocking Bridget in a chair in the middle of the night, as she grows it may be through prayer that I “hold” her.

Pain will come, but I pray that God will allow me to be there to hold my kids through the pain and allow them to see His love and care in my love and care for them.


Even while teething, she is rockin’ it out at VBS 🙂



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