Belief and Unbelief


My kitchen decorations may be a bit…well…let’s just say they would never be featured on HGTV or Better Homes and Gardens.

I have taped to almost every one of my cabinets a Bible promise. This past spring, while going through an extremely difficult time, I hung these up to remind me where I needed to look to for help. I needed to be reminded that God had not abandoned me and that He was with me and that I could still praise Him and seek Him.

These words were my own personal cry, written by others thousands of years ago; they expressed the emotions I was too overwhelmed to express. There is power in God’s words. There is encouragement in reading the hope we can have in Him.


Lately, I have been challenged to once again reclaim these promises. This morning while reading Numbers 14, I saw myself. This is the chapter where the Israelite are punished for not believing that God would fulfill His promise and lead them safely into the promise land. They were fearful and acted on that fear.


Well, I am fearful. Our future is one big question mark at this point. We don’t know what lies ahead. Do we stay in North Carolina? Move to Texas? Somewhere else? Should Ian go full time military? Or stay as an engineer? Maybe we should just buy a camper and travel the country, doing side jobs and taking lots of pictures. Okay, so that last one is not really on our list of options, but there is an element in there that might be fun.

I don’t handle unknowns well. Those are my “large people” and “fortified cities” (Number 13:28). I can forget the “milk and honey” (v. 27), the promises of God, and focus on all the negative and overwhelming odds. But Caleb reminded the Israelites that with God they will be overcomers (v.30). I can trust God’s promises.

He is faithful. He promises to lead and guide. He promises to be with us. I will believe this. But as Mark 9:24 reminds me, even in this I need God’s help: “…I do believe; help my unbelief.”  Part of me believes in these promises, and part of me needs help to believe. In the moments when the giants seem to large and the cities walls too strong, I will lean on God and His promise to help my unbelief.



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