A precious surprise

I always thought I would be a “boys’ mom,” so when we found out that Seth (our first) was was boy, it was no surprise to me. When I was younger I would say I was going to have 100 boys (not all my own!) and run a home like Jo March did in Louisa May Alcott’s Little Men. Well, I was one down and 99 to go when Seth was born.

Then I got pregnant again and this time we decided to be “surprised,” aka not find out the gender of the baby until the big day.


Well, our delivery story did not go as planned and I required an emergency c-section because this little one decided to come bottom first! Ian had requested to announce the big news once the baby was born, and amidst all the unplanned commotion, he said in a voice that could not hide his surprise, “It’s a girl…right?” Right, Ian. It was a girl. Bridget Ellen.


As they placed her in my arms, my heart melted. The first thing I noticed was the pronounced dimple in her chin. Then I saw another one in her cheek, just like Seth, just like me.


So much for being an all boys’ mom. So much for only dump trucks, trains and guns. So much for blue jeans and bugs. Now with Bridget, we have pink and yellow. Dolls and bows. Frills and lots of sweetness.

I never thought I could be so captivated by such a little thing. She is a princess. She is a sweetheart. She is my little girl and I can’t imagine life without our “Beep” (a nickname given to her before she was born, that has stuck again).



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