Memories over Milestones

“How old is your baby?” Simple question, right? My mind starts to race.

She was born in November. The 11th. That was like, um, a few months ago. They probably mean how many weeks. How many weeks has it been? Wow, I’m going to look like a horrible mom, I don’t know. Just say something. 

“She’s almost three months.” I smile. Yes, it’s true, Bridget is almost three months. I can hardly believe it. I can also hardly believe that I could really not remember how many weeks she was is. So I got our my calendar app and counted…she’s 12 weeks.

Life is definitely different with number two. With Seth, I knew how many weeks. I knew what he was suppose to be doing as far as milestones. I knew, well not much about being a mom… I was also a nervous wreck, thinking I would mess him up for life if he didn’t get on a schedule, didn’t nap in his bed, fall asleep on his own or have “tummy time.” Bridget has has a total of about 3 tummy times in her life. I have not read “What to Expect” in months. And she smiles all the time. 


That’s what I focus on. Yes, I am less aware of milestones and weeks, but I know she’s a happy and healthy little girl. She has filled out and now weights at least 14 pounds and she’s just content to suck her fist (she discovered that this week) and look at her bugs (they hang on her rumble seat). She loves her big brother, when he’s not hitting her in the face with toys he’s trying to show her. She sleeps really well at night (with the exception of last night…I don’t really need sleep as a mom, right?) She laughs when I make funny faces and eats ALL the time. She gets scared easily by loud noises and wants to be held when she’s frightened. Her cheeks are so very kissable.

That’s my little girl. What a gift.




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